Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in learning more about our Senior Portrait and Family Photography services? Below are a few of the questions that come up most often. Still have questions? Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 361-945-4778 or send us a message.

Attire is going to be and should be, unique to you and your style. While certain portraits that are highly stylized may have dramatic fashion choices, you (and your family) may be better served to pick something you have worn before and are comfortable in. A favorite outfit or two, your favorite type of clothing, or your favorite colors will help your personality shine.

If you are trying to coordinate your family, pay attention to layering textures in addition to working with two or three colors. By building textures and some interesting details, your portraits will have more depth.

A change or two may help capture your personality a bit more and show how multi-faceted you are, but limiting your changes is important. Too many choices can lead to lost shooting time and fewer images of you at the end of the day. And nobody wants that!

I would recommend at least 4-6 weeks out. I have made a personal promise to myself and to my own family that they come first. Because of that, I limit the number of sessions I do each month. With such a limited number, I am able to focus on providing you with the best session and product while also focusing on my family in their time. It is a win-win! With each of my clients, I will take time to get to know you ahead of time in a one on one situation. This ensures that your session has a flow and energy that shines on film.

First, I love an enthusiastic approach to looking at pictures and recognizing the emotion captured in the images there. This is why I love photography so much! Pinterest is a great way to see a number of images so browse and pin away!

Once that is done, we can do the real work! What is it about the image that made you stop? What expression or color or background caught your eye? What did a specific pose or orientation make you feel? What makes you feel that way? What inspires you in a similar way? What sparks that passion and helps you feel connected to others, like family or your hobbies? By taking the next step, we can strike gold in pulling from the inspiration you have found!

Absolutely! This is the best way to get the Ashley Cooke name out there and to help show others I produce a product people love. Print credit will be given when a referral books with me and they will also receive a little extra in becoming part of the extended Ashley Cooke circle. Tell all your friends, pass out flyers, and shout from the rooftops that Ashley Cooke is the way to go.

Full editing will take about a week. This time will allow me to look over all images closely and to create the portraits that I believe are eye-catching and stunning. Once I have tweaked and adjusted to my heart’s delight, I will contact you to set up a time to view your gallery.

During our current time there are a number of options for how to meet, whether virtually with a zoom call or meeting in person over coffee. Just like your actual session, you need to be comfortable and ready to view the beauty that shone through onto each image. When we meet, we can discuss options for how to display your portraits in your home and the next steps from there.

Yes! We would love to know that you enjoyed our work so much that you wanted to add to what your initial purchase was or to know you are gifting images to someone else for their home. We have your images and can work with you to create additional products.

First, don’t worry at all! Some of our best family portraits are those where nobody is looking at the camera at all. Other fantastic images are with everyone’s eyes directly on me! It depends on the family, the shoot, the day, and your personality. We will work with you and your family to figure out a plan ahead of time and discuss tips and tricks to help the day go as smoothly as possible. Whatever you do, don’t stress. Nobody wants you or anyone else in the family to feel frustrated! That being said, I have four girls of my own and know that flexibility, and sometimes a little bribery, is key to a great photoshoot.

It is my job to capture you and work with you for beautiful images. If you aren’t comfortable, then I am not doing my job. Some people are a little more adventurous and some aren’t. This is why talking with you before our photoshoot is so crucial to have the best chance at capturing your personality on film. By knowing a little about you ahead of time, I can think about your individualized needs for the day!