Family Photography

Family Photography in Northern San Antonio, Texas

Family Portraits, Children Portraits, Newborn & Maternity Photos

In a time where everyone has a camera on their phone, there tend to be a lot of pictures floating around. However, having a family portrait taken on a regular basis can be a special way to capture a moment in time as your family grows and changes throughout the years. Taking the time for family portraits also ensures that mom or dad, who are always behind the camera, have the chance to be in the pictures. Your family deserves to be documented, together, for yours, and your child’s sake.

While there are a few hints, tips, and tricks we will use to photograph different images, there won’t be a stuffy and set feel to your final product. While I look at different orientations, the contrast in light and dark, and the overall landscape of our location, I am also focusing on finding glimpses of each family member’s personalities, hints of your relationships with one another, and moments where love and laughter can be seen.

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