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Need headshot? A quick session to capture just a few great images is perfect for the busy professional.

JUST A HEADSHOT | Quick Professional Headshots

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Having a professional headshot taken is vital to small businesses success.  Customers want to relate to the business, and therefore you.  Capturing a good headshot that portrays your approachable character can give a client just the oomph needed to inquire about your services.  And here in the Texas Hill Country we are seeing some of the countries fastest community growth.  And that means more small businesses, and more competition.  Stand out from the others with a damn good headshot!

Do you have a resume you are working on and need a high quality profile picture?  Bet that will make your resume stand out from the rest, just sayin!

Do you have a speaking gig and the only picture you have is a cell phone image or one your friend took?  Don't worry, that is a common story.  You deserve to have a great image to showcase YOU and be confident when your profile picture pops up on the big screen of that conference! 

However, getting in front of the camera is just about the last thing on your to-do-list!  I get it!

However, again.... this is just one of those things you gotta buck-up and just get done.  That's the hard truth my friend!

For those of you that it absolutely pains to think about getting a portrait taken, this is for you.  I offer a quick session that is just a headshot.  You will be photographed for about 15-20 minutes in some pretty pain-free sitting/standing poses, you will choose your favorite 3 and I will finalize the edits on them and send them over for you to download as you see fit

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Just A Headshot

What you get:

3 edited images in high and low-resolution for printing and web use

1 location

approximately 15 to 20 minutes of photograph time

Quick turnaround of pain-free portraits, as promised!  



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