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Hill Country Portrait Photography - What does your name mean??

What does “amamus” mean ....

and why is that the name of my photography business? 


You say it like this...  



For the longest time my photography business name was like many others, my name + photography.  I am the one producing the imagery so why not have my name as the business name, right?  However, it never felt like the right name considering my intent with photography.  I felt a tug on my heart that my photography was not just to create beautiful, timeless photos for my clients.  In reality, it’s more of a tool to lift others up.  But, how do I convey that in a business name?  The reason for pouring my heart and soul into the art of photography should be evident in the name, but how to go about finding that name was a mystery to me.  


During a transition phase for our family, we choose to homeschool our 4 girls for a bit.  We were in between homes with lots of moving and shaking goin on!  Our two oldest took on studying Latin (both their dad and I took Latin in High School so it wasn’t too far of a reach of us to take on).   

So off we went conjugating verbs in Latin! 

Amo – Amas – Amat – Amamus – Amatis – Amant  

Which translates to..... 

I love – You love – He/She/It loves – WE LOVE – You love – They love 


I felt it was time to step back into my photography gig once we got settled in our new town.  But also knew that a big overhaul needed to start on the right foot.  A new name was first on the agenda!   

I talked to my family about how I planned on getting back into the swing of things with my photography business and I needed help brainstorming a new name.  New town, new name.... fresh start! 


Let the brainstorming begin! 

  • We talked about why I loved photography so much, even as a kid.   

  • How important I feel photographing people, their milestones and accomplishments really is. 

  • What I hope others feel when they look at their portraits in years to come.   

  • Why do I feel so strongly about the importance of photographs..... 


One of my kiddos said “it sounds like you love it so much, how about using the world LOVE somehow?” 

YES, YES... we are on the right track!! 

Amamus Photography was created while at the kitchen table full of folded laundry piles, yesterday’s snack wrappers and opened school books!  It was one of those moments you KNOW you got right!  After years of feeling meh about my photography name, I finally felt a powerful presence with the name Amamus. 

Want to know the icing-on-the-cake??  When you pronounce amamus, it kind of sounds like “a momma’s”.  Which is the perfect fit for a mom of four girls with a business that thrives off of showing the love of family and friends in a tangible way; photographs that will last a lifetime. 

I hope to share my love of photography with you so you can feel the love of your memories for a lifetime.

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