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Tips on how to find a good photographer 

How to find a photographer 

When you know you want the pictures....

 but you don't know how to find a photographer that will get the job done right!


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Picture this – you are about to send your first born off to their last, first day of school.  Your kiddo, looking more like an adult that kid these days, is about to come upon one of the greatest milestones of their life... High School Graduation.  You want to freeze as many moments in your memory bank as you possibly can!   


You find yourself thinking about having portraits taken to celebrate such an accomplishment.  But how to find a great photographer?   

Google searches bring up endless options for local photographers, so you go about looking at site after site.  Each one shows amazing images and you read heart-string-tuggin descriptions; you know this is exactly what you want...  a special photo session for your high school senior!  Photography is the perfect way to freeze this time!  

But, which photographer?? 

By looking at several websites, you find each one has a different style, pricing structure, and product offering.  Just like any service, each provider is unique.  There is no one right way to take beautiful portraits!  

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it’s up to you to decide if a photographer’s style fits with you.   

In many industries, there are a set of standards that a person must meet in order to be qualified to provide that service to customers.  Demonstrating competency in a specific industry or profession is a key component for anyone wanting to pursue a career in that field.  Photography is no different.  

 There are many ways a photographer can hone their craft.  Learning the craft of photography from top to bottom is key to continued success for any photographer in any niche.  Across the world there are many programs that push photographers to expand their skills and once completed, certifications are earned.  Some accreditation programs are geared toward a specific genre of photography, ie. Newborn, Children, Family, Headshots, Fashion, etc.  While others are geared toward photography as a whole.   

That’s where the acronyms PPA and CPP come in. 

PPA and CPP, what does that mean in the photography industry?   

PPA = Professional Photographers of America  

CPP = Certified Professional Photographer 


The Professional Photographers of America is an organization filled with people that thrive off of the art of photography and have a passion for helping other photographers grow their practices, and push the artistic envelope. The PPA community is a source for inspiration, protection, community and education for photographers all around the country.  Through the PPA, a certification process is offered to those who want to take their craft and their business to the next level.   

To become a CPP, Certified Professional Photographer, a candidate must pass a written exam to move on to image submissions, the final step.  The candidate's images are critiqued by master photographers for competency.  With a successful image critique, the candidate will be named Certified Professional Photographer by demonstrating knowledge of photography as a whole, with topics including a broad range of camera equipment and its effects on the final image, lightings patterns, posing, editing programs and techniques, color theory, and storage, temperature of light and more. 

I believe a photographer with some credentials helps put to rest any uncertainty of having poor photographs in the end.  Yes, having a certification or accreditation shows a photographer’s high level of photographic competency and the chances of having great images is pretty certain.  However, no number of awards, certifications or other could make up for a poor attitude or lack of communication.    



Above all else, I believe... 

You are really looking for a photographer who lifts you up and adds value to your day.  You want to look back at the experience with your photographer and have this certain feeling of  “I don’t regret that decision one bit, look at what I have now!”  We all know about buyer’s remorse; you should not have that feeling when looking at your final images.   

Having your photograph taken is a very personal experience.  Hince why so many put it off!  It’s no small thing to get in front of a camera and have a picture taken... those last forever if you haven’t heard!  So having the conversations and interactions with potential photographers before picture day is key to finding out if you mesh well.   




I suggest only looking at the style of photography.... light and airy, dark and moody, bold colors, black and white only, lifestyle or studio, posed people or playful. 

Once you have narrowed down which style you prefer, then making contact with a handful of your favorites is a good start.  


After you have had the chance to get a first impression, I believe crossing a couple of photogs off the list is doable.  By this point, you have spoken via phone or met in person and been able to gauge personality, conversation flow.  If you aren’t feelin it, that’s not your photographer.   


Now it’s time to ask for the specifics.  Every photographer’s way of doing business is different, so finding out their process is key to finding out if you will get the end product you are looking for.  Say you’d love to have an album made from your images and that photographer only sells one product, and it’s not an album.  Or maybe you love this one photographer’s style and they are so nice, then you get their pricing and it’s five times what you are budgeting. 

Again, you’ll be able to cross some off the list based on their pricing model. 


By now, you have narrowed down the style of photography you like for your family or senior portraits, spoken to a handful of photographers of your choosing and received pricing from a few of those.... 

Finally, it all comes down to aligning calendars!  

Availability can be tricky in peak photography season!  In central Texas, we photograph high school seniors in the fall and it really picks up at the start of March.  Family portraits are packed in tight during the fall months.  However, my favorite time to have a family session is in the Hill Country Texas Spring time!  So, think about how you will use your portraits and that will help determine what time of year you could do a session.   

Is it for Christmas card?  Then shoot for a session in October, but schedule it in July or August! 

Do you want to update your family wall portraits?  Maybe you should shoot for a Spring session (schedule it at the start of the new year) to get the gorgeous Hill Country landscape?  

Are you needing updated headshots and require a studio session only?  Then timing of nature is of no matter.... Cooooomme ooon dooooooowwwwnn!



I KNOW.... I KNOW....... 

There are many of us that have this constant thought that pops up - “I really need to get some portraits done!”  But the thought ends there.  I suggest making that next step of brainstorming.  Think about what you will do with those images.  Where will you keep them?  On a dropbox folder.... please tell me this is NOT what you will do with your images!!?? What about in an album on the end-table or make a canvas print for that empty wall space?  Or maybe you need to update your headshot on the company website or for those I’m-not-getting-dressed-at-all zoom calls.   

Once you start thinking about how you will display your portraits, you won’t wait much longer before start the search for that perfect photographer.  And now you have a few tips to get you well on the way to finding a photographer you can use for years to come. 

Love ya,